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The Australian Rainbow Lorikeet, (T.h.moluccanus) is a true Parrot with long lasting, highly visible colours.

Alphalast's long lasting; non hazardous paints and colours are non toxic and ideal for painting aviaries and bee boxes.

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The ultimate nil odour, water based acrylic coating. Tough, flexible, highly scrubbable.
Resistant to chemicals, stains, salt, where longevity, adhesion, UV stability and performance is required.

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Specialist Range

A premium nil odour, water based acrylic. Fast drying, high opacity, low roller spatter with excellent adhesion and flexibility. Good scrubbability and resistant to stains.

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Paint that Outperforms

Up to 25 Years Even on the Coast

The harsh Australian and South African conditions can really challenge coatings in these countries, but we believe our products are so durable that it allows ALPHALASTTM to provide performance guarantees of
up to 25 years on some products.

This includes above waterline coastal
and marine environment applications.

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Alpha Elements

The ultimate nil odour, water based exterior acrylic coating. Superior adhesion, tough, highly flexible, highly scrubbable. Resistant to chemicals, stains, salt, where longevity, adhesion, UV stability and performance is required.

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Alpha ClearDeck UV

A satin finish, non-toxic, nil odour, flexible water based clear coating that will not yellow, peel or flake. Superior UV stability with extraordinary adhesion.

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Low to Zero VOC Colours

Our Colours

As well as an extensive range of Alphalast Colours we also offer a complete colour matching service.
Simply specify the company and colour you require and we will match it while ensuring our paint still remains safe to you and the environment.

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OneStep Prep

A sandable, white, interior/exterior 3 in 1 type undercoat, sealer, primer that gives excellent opacity, hiding power and adhesion for any Alpha top coat product.

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A highly acrylic, water based penetrating primer or undercoat/sealer that dries clear.

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Outstanding Characteristics

  • Low to below zero VOC Content 0.04368kg/l
  • Odourless
  • Non-toxic, Non-Hazardous
  • Zero emissions manufacturing processes
  • Water bond
  • Semi-permeable membrane( can breathe)
  • Excellent atmospheric acid resistance
  • Excellent alkaline and stain resistance
  • Excellent fungal resistance
  • Ultra violet and weathering resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Water borne
  • Anti-condensation
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Colour fast pigments, with minimal fading
  • Anti-rust preventative
  • Creep and impact resistant
  • Extremely scrub able
  • Easy application by brush/roller or spray gun
  • Competitive pricing = Low Life Cycle Costs
  • One paint for virtually all surfaces
  • Good fire retardant
  • Shelf life 7 years +
  • Clean up with water
  • Cleaning ability (excellent)
  • Dries quickly
  • Will never harden
  • No blistering
  • Retarded flame spread
  • Application training provided
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Performance Coatings

Alpha Top Pave

A nil odour, fast drying high foot traffic resistant, stain resistant, water based acrylic coating available as both pigmented and clear formulas in an R-12 rated Anti-Slip option.

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Alpha LineMark

Flexible, water based acrylic marking paint with superior UV formulation, low dirt pick up and fast drying time. Formulated to 4049.2&3 Australian Standard.

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